Thanks for checking out our “growers” page.  If you have made it this far you are either interested in joining our cause, or perhaps a proprieter of cultivating something other than mustaches.  Either way, your enthusiasm is appreceiated, and hopefully I can convince you to join us.

Right In The Mustache is an “awareness campaign” focused on drawing attention to the global poverty crisis, and raising funds to support the fight against it through the non profit orginations Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and Blood:Water Mission (B:WM).

FMSC is a Christian orginization that has developed a system for providing inexpensive but nutritionally balanced meals across the globe to children who otherwise wouldn’t have anything to eat.  Last year they provided 124 million meals throughout the world.  We accounted for about 36,000 of those.  I know that’s only a small piece of the pie, but it was enough to feed 100 kids for the entire year! 

B:WM is a Nashville based organization that provides clean water and sanitation projects to develop communities and provide sustainability.  Just $1 can provide 1 African clean water for 1 year.  B:WM has now set up over 1,000 wells throughout Africa, each one providing clean water to hundreds of people for many years.  When a community has access to clean water, it changes their entire culture, allowing the resources and time for irrigation, farming, education and development to take place.

So, why a mustache?  Well, it serves two main purposes:

1.) It will be a daily reminder of the cause you are fighting for.  It will be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and not notice it (it will be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and not wink, too… but that’s just because you’ll be really really good-looking). Each day you’ll have this constant reminder on your lip of the injustices in this world and our fight to change them.

2.) It is a great conversation starter.  People will notice the stache, and they will ask questions.  Each time they do, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to share our cause with them.  If they don’t ask questions but you can still see that ‘don’t-let-this-guy-around-our-kids’ look in their eye, go ahead and share the good word.  They are thinking it, just too polite to say anything.

So here’s a list of suggestions/requirements for those of you wish to participate this year:

1.) Be totally open and willing to allow God to do anything he wants to through your life this year.  To be completely transparent, when I started this five years ago it was just an excuse to wear a mustahce.  I know my wife wouldn’t have let me any other way, so I decided to tie it in with God’s work (something she couldn’t say no to).  The thing is, when you join God in His work, you better be ready to be moved.  My life has completely changed after doing this, and my compassion for the world continues to increase daily.  So please, pray about this before starting, and really surrender yourself to His will this month.

2. Grow a mustache.  The premise of this entire project is that you have to have a mustache for the entire month of November.  This can be flexible though, so if this step hinders you, but you want to participate let me know.  We can be creative and find a way.

3. Unabashedly share this cause with the people around you and solicit their giving.  Humbling yourself like this is tough, but there is no shame in asking people for money so kids can eat and drink.  People won’t give if we don’t ask. 

4. Educate yourself on our cause.  Be able to say the right things and answer the tough questions when you are telling people what we do.  Spend just about 30 minutes reading through FMSC’s and B:WM’s websites and you will have enough knowledge to get you through the month.  But don’t stop there.  Keep going, and when you get new information, share it with the rest of us on the blog.

And that’s it.  It may sound like a lot, but it’s really simple.  Just allow God to use you.  If you do that, everything else will come into fruition.  Thank you for considering joining us, and feel free to email me at with any questions.

All for His glory!


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