The t-shirts are back, and better than ever.  We have a new design this year, but the same great comfort you’ve grown to love.  If you have never worn a Right In The Mustache shirt you may not believe the hype, but these seriously are the greatest shirts ever.  Every year I increase our order, and every year we sell out.

These aren’t your typical 8 sizes too big, made of cardboard shirts you typically get from a charity.  That’s not how I roll.  These shirts are made from baby seal hydes, and have been pre-worn by infant children to make sure they have just the right amount of softness.  This year’s design is posted below.  Shirts will be heathered navy with white print.  As always you have your choice of regular neck or showing off that chest-fro with a deep V.


So how do you get one?

Simple.  Give at least $50 to one of the charities we support, and then let us know about it (email us at  Email me your size (S-XL) and let me know if you want a crew neck or a skanky hipster v-neck, and I’ll hook you up.

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